Chicken History – 1st filming attempt

Jeff Teitler and Julius Galacki - screen capture from "All Things Chicken" (the movie)

A low budget, test shoot was done in Augusta, Georgia in 2006, which resulted in a trailer, directed by Jeff Teitler, written by Julius Galacki – with additional improvised dialogue, and performed by both. (Note: clicking on the link will take you to Jeff Teitler’s Envision Films website… there’s a box on the lower left corner for “…Chicken”.)

Julius Galacki in a screen capture from "All Things Chicken" (the movie)

A semi-improvised scene at The Magic Mushroom in Augusta, GA

potential poster using a screen capture from the test shoot of "All Things Chicken" (the movie)

The end song was written and performed by Ramiro Medina.

“All Things Chicken” was originally written for the stage and first produced at the Yale School of Drama.


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