I am a writer, a director and a visual artist.

Tilly, Wonder Bar, Asbury ParkI am tempted to say that I am a writer first and foremost, as language is so important to my art, but the truth is that I am also seeing the story as much as I am hearing the story when creating it. So the simplest statement is to say I am a storyteller – a storyteller who is interested in the truth of the human condition which includes the human relationship to the natural world. To quote Walt Whitman, “I contain multitudes.”

Stylistically, my favored “genre” is the dramedy.

Matt Mercer and Drew Nye in "All Things Chicken"

Matt Mercer and Drew Nye in “All Things Chicken”

In film, I’m more overtly populist: I’ve also written action-adventure with strong fantasy, romance and comedic elements, and thrillers with romance and action.

In theatre, I am more varied and more “intellectual”. I will veer from the highly realistic to the abstract, from the naturalistic to the surrealistic; from comedy to drama and all shades in between. While stage and screenplays dominate my written output, I also write prose and poetry.

Play Set  (Salton Sea)

Play Set (Salton Sea)

While the camera is my main visual medium, I’ve made collages and paintings too. The images I’m most interested in are portraits, geometry, detritus and beauty. 76 Rock, West End with copyright added

Yet, I daresay, there are commonalities to this multitude: themes of forgiveness – whether it be within the self, in a relationship or a societal context – are pervasive. Other patterns are wordplay, verbal rhythm, and miscommunication / non-commuication for either comic and/or dramatic effect. I also seem to have a lot of characters who are stuck in their lives and haven’t found their way forward.

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