Synopsis of “Black Flamingos”

In act one, Cecilia, the self-proclaimed “patron saint of the sun-baked, warped cassette tape,” never stops driving. Passing through the emptiness of the Utah Salt Flats with a hitchhiker named Jake, she stops and heads off on foot into the desert. Jake, initially under the misconception that this jaunt into the desert will lead to a sexual encounter, follows her, but instead he undergoes a test of his worthiness – in a confrontation with a crazy hermit/demon. If Jake passes the test, Cecilia wants him to accompany her on her quest to find god.

The second act begins with the same actors of Act 1 playing completely different characters, but it slowly becomes clear that two of the characters are doppelgangers to two of the characters in Act One: Tobias is fleeing a bad divorce with his ocean going boat. His car mysteriously breaks down at an abandoned gas station just east of the Salt Flats. He ends up tied to a rock in the sun. His only hope for survival is the strange child-woman Ev, whom he must convince to free him before Isaac, her demon-keeper, returns with a good sack of additions for the “stew”.

At the end of Act Two, the stories from both acts as well as the doppelganger characters integrate into a new wholeness – where love is once again possible.