Below is a selection of my photographs of abstractions, landscapes, city-scapes, candids, Urban Exploraton (i.e. abandoned, decaying human structures) and still lifes.

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California Landscapes and Urban Nature
U.E. – abandoned structures in the high and low desert near LA
U.E. L.A. vicinity (Urban Exploration , ruins, etc.)
Los Angeles (objects and architecture)
New York City

Bodie ghost town

Play Set (Salton Sea)

"Actress" (Michele Tauber)

"76" rock (the West End section of Long Branch, N.J.)

Percussion (Olvera Street)

Integratron with Bocci Balls ©

The Photographer (Bombay Beach, Salton Sea, sunset)

Houses as Weather (Bodie ghost town)


Copyright protected and all rights reserved: